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Franka Philip

Features Editor, T&T Guardian, 2012-2018. Managed the Features department, and directly supervised Shereen from 2013-2017 when Shereen worked as an Associate Editor doing proofreading, copy editing and feature writing. Currently, Franka is a freelance multimedia editor/manager/content creator based in Trinidad.

"I had the pleasure of working with Shereen for five years and she's one of the most thorough, engaged and passionate journalists I've ever worked with. She is extremely reliable and hardly, if ever, misses a deadline. Shereen is the kind of writer who is unafraid to explore different angles and she makes sure to cover as many bases as possible in her stories. This is not lost on the people she interviews as many have been in contact after her stories were published to commend both her thoroughness and her eloquence. 

"As a manager, I had no problems with Shereen. She goes the extra mile, works very well with others and was a great source of advice and constructive criticism for the other journalists on the desk.

"One of the things I admire about Shereen is her sense of social justice. She is keenly aware that her role as a journalist is more then writing nice stories but also to shine a light on situations and people that need to be given the spotlight when they might not ordinarily have it."

- Franka Philip, August 2018


Ursula Boraas

Marketing Manager, Colliers International Edmonton, 2007-2012. Managed the Marketing Department of the Colliers, Edmonton office in Alberta, Canada, and directly supervised Shereen who worked as a  Marketing Assistant doing graphic design, website updates and marketing duties from July 2007-April 2010. Shereen also worked as a contract designer for the Colliers Vancouver office from June 2010 to September 2011.

"I was the Marketing Manager at Colliers International Commercial Real Estate for over five years.  For three of those years, I had the pleasure of having Shereen as an integral part of my marketing team.

"During her term at Colliers, Shereen helped create marketing collateral for all property listings.  She also assisted in designing proposals and presentations for acquiring new business.

"Shereen spent a great deal of time getting to know the individual needs of the brokers' clients and their current real estate projects, in which she truly identified the highlights and features of the assignment and developed creative ways to showcase them.  Some of her design creations received recognition nationally across our company.

"Writing and designing an internal corporate newsletter was also one of her endeavours.

"I find Shereen to be a true professional who, when given a challenge, excels at finding creative solutions to master any problem."

- Ursula Boraas, August 2018

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